Bone Soup

Them Bones: Breathe New Life into Old Bones by Making Soup

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The next time you make chicken, turkey, or any meat with bones, resist the urge to toss them in the trash. There was no way my Grandmother would allow such a thing, and she was still spry at 92. You’re not getting the full potential from your food, or your grocery budget if you throw them away. Bones are an incredible source of nutrients and can be used to create sauces and soups that taste like something Chef Gordon Ramsey would praise.

It’s easy enough to do. You can even buy a whole rotisserie chicken at your local supermarket. Then, save the bones. No need to pick them clean. Just toss them into a large pot and cover with water. If you have broth that needs to be used up, pour it in. Or add bouillon cubes to your water.

If you have fresh herbs on hand, like rosemary or thyme for example, toss them into the pot too. Then, let it boil up. Once it does, you can reduce the heat so that it simmers away for a good hour or two.

After that, you can let it cool before fishing out the bones and non-edible bits. That’s when you can discard your bones. What you’ll be left with is an amazing broth that you can use to cook other dishes. You can partition it off from here into airtight containers. If you’re afraid you won’t get to it within a week, simply freeze it for later use.

an oriental take on use of the broth, usually a fish stock,

Want to make it into a soup? The possibilities are endless. Make sure you’ve retrieved all the bone and cartilage material from your new bone broth, along with the stems of the fresh herbs you used. Then you can add the ingredients you want.

Try adding a can of drained garbanzo beans, drained kidney beans, and petite cut tomatoes for a more Italian flair. Want a more southwestern flavor? Use black beans, corn and tomatoes. Be sure to add a touch of cumin to round out the flavor. You can add a bit of heat with chili powder too.

If you have a soup recipe you love, you can simply start with your new bone broth as your base. The marrow from the bones becomes one with the broth and provides a bounty of health benefits. Among them, it helps boost immunity which is perhaps why homemade chicken soup has long been touted as a remedy for colds. It also helps ease joint pain, support a healthy digestive system, and provide remarkable benefits for hair, skin and nails.

Save your bones and savor the tasty difference that using homemade bone broth can make in your cooking!

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