Do You Filter Your Beer With a Nut Milk Bag?

Filtering Your Homebrew with Nut Milk Bags

When it comes to creating a unique homebrew, many home brewers neglect to filter the beer they produce. Filtering your beer renders it with more clarity and an improved flavor. That’s because filtering removes items like tannins and yeast that can detract from the taste you were hoping to achieve, not to mention the haziness.

Filtering can help accelerate the process of home brewing beer in only a few minutes as opposed to taking weeks or even months. Imagine that – faster results for creating the perfectly flavored beer you want! Commercial breweries use filtering processes to speed up the process, and home brewers should too. It’s also good for removing smaller impurities from your beer that would otherwise not come out during a natural aging process.

To filter your home brewed beer, you’ll need one of the right size. Beer crafting experts recommend using one that is about 1 micron in size. One of the best options for filtering beer is to choose a nut milk bag. It may sound strange, but these reusable bags are outstanding for this sort of task.

Of course, while you want to filter your home brewed beer to speed up the aging process, you don’t want to do so too early. The most important chemical changes occur in later fermentation phases and stopping them too soon will not give your beer a prime flavor. The best time frame is allowing your beer to ferment for a good two or three weeks before filtering it. The nut milk bags are ideal for this simply because they are natural and can hold the hops without ruining your craft.

Once your filtering process is complete, you’ll discover beer that is masterfully created in much less time, and who wouldn’t want to drink to that? You’ll reduce the sediment in a more natural way using the nut milk bags as filters and have a cheaper way to achieve the results you were after.

Plus, nut milk bags can be used for a variety of other purposes, making them a great item to have around the house. They’re easy to clean too, which means they’ll be ready to filter your next batch of home crafted beer in no time!

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