Baking Mat vs Parchment Paper

5 Reasons NOT To Use Parchment Paper When Baking

For generations parchment paper has been used when baking and cooking in general. Laying down a sheet of parchment paper can save a lot of messy cleanup later. It can also protect your pans from grimy burned gunk that is almost impossible to scrub off.

But recently parchment paper has gotten a bad name. Why? The answer is easy. These days there are some much better options. Probably the best are Silicone Baking Mats that are durable, safe to use, and do an amazing job of protecting your valuable cookware.

But we'll talk about Silicone Baking Mats more in a moment. First let's look at why parchment paper has fallen out of favor.

1. The number one reason cooks are moving away from parchment paper is it has some bad things in it that may leave unwanted chemicals in your food. Depending on the brand and type of parchment paper, it can have chlorine or Quilon. These have more in common with bathroom cleaning agents than anything you want anywhere near your food.

Paper is made using harsh chemicals like acid, chlorine, and sulfur. If you've ever lived near a paper manufacturing plant, you know it's a pretty awful smell that comes out of there. Modern parchment paper is made by running sheets of paper pulp through a bath of sulfuric acid or sometimes zinc chloride.

Most cooks feel using paper can have some of those residues left that can leach into your food. Not an appetizing thought.

2. Parchment paper can become brittle in the baking process. It can tear, split, or get holes in it. This frustrates the need for parchment paper as food still gets baked onto your pan.

3. Parchment paper has to be trimmed. I don't know if you're like me, but my kitchen scissors always seem to be in some other part of the house. So I have to hunt down my scissors, then trim the paper. That's simply one more step that makes an otherwise enjoyable time in the kitchen a bit of a hassle.

You can buy pre-cut parchment that is already fitted to common pan sizes, but that costs two to three times more.

4. Parchment paper can only be used up to 420 degrees. That works for most things, but not all. It can be reused two or three times, but then you have to throw it away.

5. We all need to save money, time, and the environment. Parchment paper is simply a waste of all of these and contributes to landfills. The better green, eco-friendly, option is baking mats.

We found that a high quality Silicone Baking Mat was a much better, more modern option than parchment. These mats can withstand just about anything, are already the right size for your pans and don't have to be trimmed, and one mat can be used again and again for years.

Silicone Baking Mats use a food grade silicone that meets the high demands of commercial kitchens. The advanced manufacturing process keeps any silicone from getting into your food. This has become the standard everywhere from expensive restaurants to hospital surgical units.

Food does not stick, pans are not ruined, and your clean up time is just about zero. Stop struggling with parchment paper and worrying about its ill effects. Switch to a modern Silicone Baking Mat for ultimate convenience, safety, and great food.

Here is our offering in this market.

Click on the Amazon Link to get yours now.

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