Is Your Cutting Board Safe?

I have used wood cutting boards for years and recently wanted to make a new one. Well, ends up I made several. As I was researching the care of wood boards to see if there was new info I found the following article on wood vs plastic cutting boards. UC-Davis Study.

So it seems that the boards I made this weekend are in fact safer, and I think much better looking.

The wood is Goncalo Alves. While many cutting boards are made out of Hard Maple, Goncalo is much harder. The Janka hardness rating, used to measure wood hardness, of Goncalo is 2250 while Hard Maple is only 1450.

I started by running some 1.5" boards through the planner to get a nice fresh surface to glue.

After which, show below, I glued (FDA safe), and clamped the boards together.

After letting the boards sit for 24 hours to let the glue harden I was able to get to work.

The boards were then run through the planner again to give the boards a nice flat surface.

After that a quick pass through the table saw to even up the ends.

Once the boards were each planed and squared up they all received chamfered edge with a router.

After the wood working was finished each board was sanded, wiped with a damp cloth, and treated to mineral oil wipe down. Any wood utensil used in the kitchen should have a simple mineral oil wipe down. I try to do it monthly with my board, but I use them 4-7 times a week. it is as fast an simple as pouring a bit of mineral oil on your board, available online or at a building supply store, wiping the oil onto the board and letting it soak for 20 minutes.


Now the last step is simple. Enjoy the cutting board.

After use, wash with warm soap and water and let air dry.

Perhaps every other week you can give your boards, blocks, or counters a deeper cleaning.

Basically you take your board, a lemon, and some salt and clean.

Cut the lemon in half, great if you are cooking with one for the night.

Rub the lemon all over the board. Sprinkle some kosher salt all over the board.

Rub the salt in with the lemon and let stand for 5 minutes or so.

Wash the mixture off with water.

Here is a great write up with pictures from the Kitchn.

Cheers all, have a great week.

#wood #cuttingboard #woodworking #cleaning #safety #woodvsplatic

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