Awesome Steak Night!!

Well How you can start an great steak night but with a nice, thick cut, grass fed porterhouse? I love the flavor of an awesome grassfed steak. Dinner prep started out with some kosher salt and fresh cracked pepper.

Finishing prep work I cut up all the fun flavorful elements to the dinner. Garden fresh squash, zucchini, and rosemary. Also have some red onion, garlic, butter, and a yam. I love the nice color, easy ability to bake them, and love the flavor with just a bit of salt and pepper.

During prep I turned on the oven to 350F. I also turned on the stove with the cast iron skillet to high. Lastly I added an atrichoke to a steamer. I added the bacon to rend some of the fat for soaking and then added the steak. The bacon fat is truly convenient to cook in, and as we know fat does add flavor.

Once the steak is browned on one side, about 4 minutes for a nice thick steak I pulled it off. I placed the veggies and yam on a baking try with a silicone non stick mating mat from Artisan Cooking Supply. Turn the steak brown side up and carve. I used a filet knife to cut near the bone and get the two side separate. Once separate cut them into 1" wide slices. Rebuild the steak in the cast iron pan.

With the steak re assembled in the pan I added 2 TBS butter and the garlic, herbs and red onion. The pan was then placed in the oven.

The veggies and yams came out with a nice texture and still a bit firm after about 15 minutes. No oil or butter and no wasted parchment paper. An Easy, healthy fun option.

The artichoke was plated and served with some homade garlic butter for light dipping.

Well. A lovely, fun , healthy meal that was easy to cook. Served family style we were all able to pick and chose as much of each item that we liked. This method of steak cooking leaves a nice flavorful, tender, and juicy steak. No need to rest. Since the steak was cut prior to tensing the steak does not lose much of its juices. This leaves nice bite size pieces that rest during plating and are ready at the table.

On the side is a, well the, fig we got from our tree this year. Another nice healthy family dinner!

Hope you all enjoy your meals.

The Chefs.

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