Family Sashimi Night!!

One fast, healthy, and easy meal to cook at home is our sashimi night. While many would say that the salmon is an American sashimi or sushi fish that's fine. We like it anyway. It is nice and healthy, full of great fats. Living in southern California there are usually an abundance of places that you can get really awesome fresh fish. Since our family loves these types of fun fish nights we try to order regularly. Most of the time since we are out in the desert we use a great company called Catalina Offshore Products. They can deliver fresh, sushi grade fish, and sides overnight.

I usually like to prep the side ingredients prior to starting with the fish during sushi. I shredded some nori as a topping, sliced the Jalapenos thin, I like a bit of spice on somethings, and my wife and kids are not really into spice at all, yet. Diced ginger, and a bit of cilantro to go with the spice. The won ton in front were quartered for frying later to act as little chips for serving. I heated a cast iron skillet and seared off some blackened Yellowfin (Ahi). After the Yellowfin I added a bit more oil to fry up the won ton chips.

When cutting fish you need an extremly sharp knife. If the knife is not the knife will tear the meat instead of cutting it. The long knife is so that you can take one single long draw across the fish and not make a sawing motion that will also tear the fish. I love having a nice cutting mat too that I can just toss in the sink after and keep the counters clean and free of possible baddies.

Sometimes they are not the prettiest, but they sure did taste good and are a great summer dinner.

The Yellowfin was then diced up and mixed with a sauce of olive oil, cilantro, jalepeno, wasabi, and a bit of lemon juice. This mixture was placed on top of the won ton crackers for a nice little bite of glory. Just such a wonderful, healthy, summer taste. This is all so easy and is really fun when you invite your friends over.

Once plated, I added a bit of nori on top for that familiar sushi taste.

The sliced salmon was left alone, besides the jalapeno for dad and his love of spice. In the center was a nice ponzu. I love the nice citrus in the ponzu sauce with the salmon. Just delicious, easy and healthy.

If you happen to find yourself with some nice pieces of Salmon or Yellowfin and are not up for the sashimi or sushi night you can also make a nice light caeser salad that you can put the steamed, baked, or blackened fish on top. To keep your salads healthy use a bit less dressing, and with caeser just juice some lemon on top. It will add tons of flavor and not the calories.

Well, thanks for reading and I hope that you all have a fun great weekend!

Well off to eat and have some great Sake!


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