Roast Potatoes and other Goodies!

Potato wedges, slices, and even tatertots are AWESOME on a silicone baking mat. Why?

- No need to grease the pan. - The bottoms and tops evenly brown, so not really any need to stir during baking. - The browned part stays on the potatos instead of sticking to the baking sheet = more crispy yumminess , less time cleaning pans afterward!

The other thing that is perfect on the silicone baking mats is any bread! The bottom gets perfectly baked every time!

But, it gets better. You know how things like hamburger buns or bagels tend to call for an egg wash and seeds sprinkled on top before baking? And the egg wash inevitably drips down onto the baking sheet and makes it so hard to clean afterwards, that I end up doing things like just NOT putting egg wash on my bagels?

Well, the silicone baking mat eliminates that problem completely. The egg wash does not stick. The pan is not hard to wash. All my baked goods now look that much better because I can do an egg wash any time!

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