Frequently Asked Questions


While our products are easy to use, we know you're likely to have some questions. Here's where we attempt to answer them. Please feel free to contact us with additional questions.


Can you really bake on silicone baking mats?


Yes. Since 1965 professional pastry chefs started using silicone baking mats and use has spread around the world. Oven temperature varies depending on the product and recipe you are using, but you can use your Artisan Cooking Supply baking mat for everything from cookies, rolls, pasteries, breads, veggies, meats, frozen foods, and your own artistic creation. 


What is the maximum temperature for the baking mats?


We recommend a maximum temperature of 400°F and a minimum temperature of -30F. Once you've used it a few times the mat becomes seasoned and can be used in ovens with temperatures up to 450°F. 


Are silicone baking mats safe to bake with?


Yes. Our products are 100% safe. All products conform to FDA and RoHS regulations. Additionally, they are BPA BPP free!

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Do I need sprays or oils with the baking mat?


No.  The non stick nature of the silicone baking mat saves you the use of oils and sprays.  This gives you a healthier baking option with all your foods.


Can I use either side of the Artisan Cooking Supply baking mat?


Yes. You can use either side of your baking mat, though we admit the logos are one sided.


How long will it last?


When used and cared for properly, Artisan Cooking Supply baking mats can have a life of up to thousands of uses. We have a lifetime warranty - just don't slice on it with a sharp knife, fold it, or bend it.


What do I use a silicone baking mat for?


This is where the fun is.  You can use your silicone baking mat for so mnay things.  Basic uses are for dough prep on the counter, and the main use is for the oven.  You can place the mat directly on an oven shelf, but it is better on a cookie sheet, baking tray, or jelly roll pan.  You can then cook anything you would normally cook on a tray, cookies, pasteries, rolls, bread, veggies, frozen items, potatoes, brittles, and more.  There are also some fun creative things you can do like parmesean cups and pulled sugar.


Can I use silicone baking mats on the stove top?


No! Never use a baking mat directly on heat sources, stove-tops or hot plates. Additionally, never use baking mats on the bottom of an oven, on a grill or under a broiler.


Can I use my baking mat in the microwave?


Yes. Simply place your silicone baking mat directly in the center of your microwave oven or on the turntable.


What happens if I bake with an insulated cookie sheet?


Your Artisan Cooking Supply baking mat provides a certain insulation factor due to the nature of silicone technology. Therefore, you may need to adjust your temperature or baking time. Insulated cookie sheets work fine with baking mats.


Why do my cookies flatten out when I bake with the baking mat?


Because the baking mat is non-stick, the cookie dough slides effortlessly and without resistance during the baking process. This tends to produce more gourmet looking cookies.


Can my Artisan Cooking Supply baking mat be stored bent or folded?


No. Your silicone baking mat is durable silicone, but storing it bent or folded will add stress at the crease and reduce life span. Just like us sleeping we like to be flat. It is best to store it flat or rolled up.


What is my baking mat made of?


Your non-stick baking mat is made of the highest quality, FDA RoHS approved, food grade silicone that is molded over a reinforcing fiberglass weave. They are BPA BPP free - safe to use.  Do not use if the mat is cut.


What is Silicone?


Silicone is a formulation of inorganic rubbers made by linking silica atoms. Silicone was developed for its superior reliability, long life and extreme temperature adaptability and stability.

For too much information read the wikipedia article here.


How long does it take for my silicone baking mat to cool?


Once your Artisan Cooking Supply baking mat is removed from the oven and slid off the cookie sheet, it cools very quickly.


Can I use sharp objects on my baking mat?


No. If you slice with sharp knives on your baking mat, you will cut through it. We do not recommend using any sharp objects with your baking mat.  IF you do roll out dough and want to cut shapes either transfer to another surface or use items with soft edges and press lightly so you just seperate the dough and do not cut the mat.